Our First Plant!

IMG_2462Our home is slowly coming together, but it was missing some greenery! We wanted to brighten things up a bit so we were originally thinking faux & low-maintenance. Then someone in my office brought in a bunch of little Aloe plants she had cut off from hers at home so I ran over to get one!

Super happy I scooped one of these little guys up! Here are some benefits:

  • Contains tons of antioxidants and antibacterial properties
  • Accelerates the healing process of burns and provides cooling pain relief
  • Can be used as mouthwash to reduce dental plaque
  • Aids in the recovery of oral ulcers (canker sores)
  • Acts as a strong laxative to treat constipation
  • Can increase collagen production in the skin and prevents wrinkles
  • Boosts metabolism + supports weight loss
  • Purifies your home’s air naturally
  • Improves your immune system!

I’ve found some cool DIYs for face masks including fresh Aloe that I want to try out and share with you.

As for keeping it alive, I’m really going to try my best. We bought quality potting soil, a recommendation from Jamal’s father who used to work in a greenhouse and has amazing planting skills. I found this super-cute wooden planter from the dollar section in Target to keep it in. We’ve been watering it every time we notice the soil to be dry…so for the past few weeks it’s been going okay! I think it’s even grown…apparently Aloe can grow up to 12-19 inches! I’m honestly just glad it’s still green…if it turns brown on me I might cry LOL.

If you’re wondering what else is in the planter, it’s Sage. A different coworker gave me that little piece; we’ll see how it goes. What was your first plant? Do you have any tips/tricks for me? I’m now looking into getting a Lemon Tree and/or a Strawberry bush! To have these fresh on hand would be AWESOME.



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