Georgie + Bailey’s Favorite Treats

We have a picky little puppy in the house so it’s taken us awhile to find treats and snacks that Georgie is actually interested in and enjoys. Yesterday at his appointment, the Vet gave him a milk bone for being good and he just stared at it like, is that supposed to impress me? Bailey, on the other hand, will eat anything – headphones, Beauty Blenders, she’s not picky at all! They do have some favorites and I’ve found some really good deals on Chewy’s website. If you have four-legged picky eaters or big-flavor lovers, we recommend these:

  1. Blue Buffalo Jolly Joints -aka- chicken jerky! Both pups tear thru these at lightning speed.
  2. Digest-eeze Plus Duck Wrapped rolls. Bailey lives for these. It’s really tough to find the duck wrapped, but that’s her favorite. These rolls are easier on her digestive system. They’re about $10 at Giant grocery store; I just wish they had more than 2 per package.
  3. Wellness Petite Treats – Turkey, Pomegranate and Ginger is Georgie’s favorite flavor! They are soft and chewy, easy for him to devour. For a 6-oz bag, it’s only $3.49 on! Bonus: These are grain-free!
  4. Blue Buffalo Blue Stix – There are lots of different flavor options; our pups enjoy the Lamb & Apple recipe. Georgie goes to town on these. He grabs them out of my hand and takes off!

img_2411-1What treats do your puppies love?



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