Top 5 on my Sephora Wish List

I love Sephora. Everything in there speaks to me on a personal level. If you have their Beauty Insider account then you’re familiar with the Loves List. I use this as a wish list and mine has grown to 10 pages long, no joke! There are just so many things to try and fall in love with! Here are my Top 5!

1. STILA Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow $24


These are soooo pretty. I want every single shade, but Kitten Karma really stands out to me. The champagne-copper shine looks stunning!

2. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit $40


Y’all. I need this. I mean, look at it! It’s gorgeous! Six highlighters for only forty bucks?! This would be really great to take on travel, too.

3. FARSÁLI Unicorn Essence $54


I’ve been eyeing this for like, ever. If unicorns are involved, just add it to my cart – I don’t need to know what it is. When I saw that Sephora picked it up, I practically fainted. It’s a shimmery pink serum that can be used as a primer before makeup application. Bonus: It helps protect against free radical damage! Extra bonus: The packaging is super cute!

4. HOURGLASS Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick $46


Confession: I’ve been using the same foundation (Revlon Color Stay) for about 9 years, which is crazy. It’s inexpensive and gets the job done so it’s hard for me to stray! But this foundation stick is really appealing to me. The application process alone looks infinitely easier (less messy, too) and the fact that they have a few fair shades to choose from is awesome! You know, for those of us who range from Snow White to porcelain to ivory…

5. ORIGINS Make A Difference™ Rejuvenating Hand Treatment $23


Origins has awesome skin care. I’ve been looking for a super-hydrating hand cream and this one has really good reviews online. Because I wash my hands a lot, they always seem to be dry. I’ve yet to find a holy grail hand cream but this one might make the list!

That’s all for now! Let me know what’s on your list 🙂



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