Essential Oils


For the past few months, we’ve been getting into Essential Oils and we’ve been loving them! We use them every single day, aromatically and topically. We’ve tried a few brands: Aura Cacia, Plant Guru, and Young Living. My personal favorite is Young Living! They are the best quality. YL is a bit pricey though, so we typically order from Plant Guru (you can find them on Amazon, they have awesome sets!). There are so many oils to talk about so for now, I’ll stick to the basics. The Essential Oils below have many uses/benefits, I listed just a few:

Lavender – calming, stress reducer, promotes restful sleep, relieves tension

Peppermint – cooling, pain reliever, respiratory & digestion aid

Eucalyptus – respiratory relief, antibacterial, regulates blood sugar

Lemon – uplifting, detoxifying, cleansing and skin support

Sweet Orange – immunity booster, mood enhancer, anti-inflammatory

Rosemary – fights fatigue, promotes hair health, anti-aging benefits

Tea Tree – supports healthy skin, cleansing, anti-inflammatory

Ways we use essential oils: diffuse one or two oils at a time; we look up different diffuser recipes on Pinterest and tweak to our tastes. We combine our essential oils with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, to create roller balls to treat different issues. We also use them in spray bottles!

I’ll make a post soon on our favorite roller ball recipes and spray bottle DIYs!




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