Bailey, the Extreme Chewer

IMG_1164Our sweet pit bull, Bailey, is an extreme chewer. The champion of chewers. She can tear up a tennis ball in minutes, a huge meaty knuckle bone in an hour, and a KONG crate mat in less than a day. We’ve lost count of how many toys and beds she’s destroyed. The toys, we’ve stopped buying her for the most part. We stick to bones that are easily digestible or Nyla bones, which take her longer to destroy. She’s perfectly happy with that! The beds though…that’s been harder for us to kick. She just looks so sad in her empty crate with nothing to lay on. We’ve tried carpet squares, sheets, towels, pads, crate mats, beds. We’ve tried it all! She just loves to chew, chew, chew.

When we went to PetSmart over the weekend, we saw this super-cute pink bed for our Bailey girl and had to get it. This time, we’re trying it just for nighttime. She’s loving it! There’s only a slim chance she’ll chew it up in her sleep…Tell me about your pets in the comments!


One week later: Bed destroyed. *heavy sigh*



One thought on “Bailey, the Extreme Chewer

  1. yearof26blog

    Hahahah I’m dying. Belle is the same fucking way. Luckily she has stopped chewing up her crate blanket but it is literally full of holes. I don’t buy toys anymore either, its madness. Hahah. Good luck though! I think its just a wait it out until she gets older thing!

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